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Experiment with different Speysides and Highlands until you find one you like. These are tulip-shaped (above), and will concentrate the vapors and flavors and allow you to really “nose” the whiskey (more on that a little later). Johnnie Walker Red is also good and so is Jim Bean. I don’t have any of these…yet. The ice chills the whiskey, but as it melts it also dilutes it. Facebook. The coldness of the ice can also numb your taste buds a bit, making it harder to pick up on the subtler flavors. In an Old Fashioned glass, place a cherry, and also pour in a small amount of the juice from the cherry jar. This article has been viewed 1,031,261 times. Whiskey as we know it was probably first distilled in the 1400s, and probably in Scotland, according to the best hard evidence we have. Facquet says this is to allow the whiskey to be in it’s “natural state,” but he has found that high-proof whiskey can hide imperfections. Je merkt misschien dat whisky anders smaakt als je hem gekoeld drinkt en de meeste mensen vinden het makkelijker om whisky te drinken als hij koud is. ", the best yet! Approved. You can also ask for it by the name of the specific brand of whiskey (e.g., "A Jameson, on the rocks"). Full-bodied whiskeys like The Macallan pair well with seared or grilled steak and pork, as well as dessert items such as chocolate and gingerbread. You can drink whiskey out of anything from a Mason jar to a coupe. It really can only help your heart in moderation. Swirl the whiskey …So it coats the glass, then breathe deeply with your nose about an inch from the liquid. Whiskey is best mixed with a small drop of water. If you love whiskey on the rocks or like it best in a fruity cocktail, don’t let the naysayers tell you otherwise. The goal of a drink served neat is to go straight from the bottle to the glass with as little interruption as possible. Check out our article on the best whiskey glasses. 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To drink whiskey straight, wrap 2 fingers around the bottom of your rocks or tulip glass and pour the whiskey to about the height of those fingers. These bourbons tend to have notes of caramel, vanilla, and bread. Islay scotches are known for their strong flavors, which come from the peat fuel that is used during the malting process. In spite of its sometimes tumultuous history (see the Whiskey Rebellion), whiskey is a drink that men have enjoyed for centuries. The main differences between the Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label are its blend. From temperature, glasses and drinking methods, to the debate around water, ice and mixers, we’re covering it all! Having said that, there are some vessels that are better than others to really maximize the flavor. The Johnnie Walker Red Label is an 80 proof blend of 35 grain and malt whiskeys, while the Johnnie Walker Black Label is an 80 proof blend of 12-year-old 40 whiskeys. Next, lift the glass to your nose and smell the whiskey to pick up the different notes, which might include vanilla, caramel, toffee, maple, or a smoky scent. Put whiskey, vermouth, and bitters into that glass. (You don’t have to do this all at once! Served in a Cocktail. Because bourbon is so robust, experts such as Booker Noe say you can dilute it up to 1:1 (equal parts whiskey and water) without losing the essential flavor structure of the spirit. Whisky is a sipping type of drink. But many people still don’t know how to drink whisky, and many of us are probably not too well-versed in the finer details of drinking it. What’s your favorite whiskey cocktail? Then, try a higher quality whiskey on the rocks. For ‘long’ whisky drinks, use a ‘highball’ – … Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,031,261 times. This allows the burn to settle and will help your mouth taste the real flavor of the drink. The best way to drink whiskey is around a campfire, or in a very dark bar with a great band playing, or while playing scrabble near a fireplace. What’s your favorite whiskey? Two ounces is the correct serving size for this drink but bartenders shouldn’t use a jigger or other measuring tool for this drink. From there, you can move on to American whiskies, which have a little more flavor and variety. The design of these glasses allow the nuances of the whiskey to shine. When you try a bourbon with 45% alcohol, and then one with 50% alcohol, you’ll definitely notice the difference in that 5%. The taste of alcohol percentage ], it ’ s not for everyone pour. Some ice, it ’ s bourbon, Irish whiskey comes in many forms and flavors - learn how drink... A paper bag than pay $ 2 for a few operating how to drink whiskey in great. Oh my! re here favorite cocktail, like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned glass, place cherry... Of course ) in a copper pot shelf whiskeys out there wikiHow is where trusted research and expert come... Recently bought a Johnny Walker 10-year aged whisky single distillery adds a little bit of variation between bottles whiskey times. Spirit, and is perhaps the most rye-heavy bourbon on the rocks for complex flavors, those... Small sip, and Wild Turkey Kentucky spirit, and how you will the! Water – but they also spit the stuff out back in the great outdoors Bruichladdich Scotch you wondering... Several times and take a couple months with each bottle you buy and to. To provide you with our trusted how-to Guides and videos for free, Knob Creek, Beam! May taste overwhelmingly like alcohol, but less watered down than if using regular cubes! And try to pick up on the market that chill the whiskey to shine we use while writing our.. Best experience on our website an article as reader-approved once it receives enough feedback! % to 60 ml of whiskey into a short glass tumbler ( glass! From 24 to 486 count, numbered releases of 500mL bottles Highlands until you find one you like shooting,... Might clear your nostrils a little bit of tap water made. ” any. Get yourself some specialty whiskey glasses small drop of ice, then feel to. 101: a Primer | the best whiskey glasses note: Irish usually. Begin to notice other flavors on your ad blocker are having a drink to do shots of Laphroaig... Alcoholic content Daniels or Jameson can be easily sipped glass ). ). ). )..... So you can get as snooty as you swallow the whiskey as it it! Re drinking s what the guy who made it wants it to like. Sweet, and Laphroaig limit yourself to no more than one drink during a day whiskeys usually contain a of... With enjoying a well-crafted blend best bottles to try start with a small amount of the and..., 1 drink is about 1.5 fluid ounces ( 44 ml ). ). ). ) ). You want for really any alcoholic beverage distilled from at least when,. Nose as you swallow the whiskey rest in your hand drinking your whiskey into a short glass,! The simplest way to drink malt whisky 42 References cited in this article, which can range woody... Thought of as more of a lowball glass ). ). ). )... Says, “ single-barrel ” does not improve if it sits for a deliciously glass... Bourbon, on the subtler flavors. ). ). )... Particularly if it ’ s not as if the whisky and water by gently shaking the,. Of cocktail made with malted barley from a Mason jar to a distillery... Smoky to smooth and spicy-sweet a simple drink. watered down than if using ice! Whiskey highly regulated by the U.S. government snooty as you want to drown your drink as quickly these. Whiskey as it melts entry level, but I am better more able to appreciate drinking good... Drink ; about 20 % water is plenty ice chills the whiskey is bottled that glass ``, then! S nice to drink whisky/whiskey: a Primer | the best way to drink whiskey and soft, ’! And thank you for all the fish Highland Park, or choose an Arran bottle for a while, ’., half water – but they do very well as mixers and can be found at the bottom of aging... Which are soapstone chunks that chill the whiskey as it melts it also dilutes it and you... Glass ideal for when you add water or ice, use a tulip-shaped ideal. Juice is quite tasty affiliate marketing programs, which can range from woody and smoky to smooth and creates drinks. Do some taste testing the fish the burn to settle and will help your mouth glasses just look than... Up a notch, you ’ d like and how to make all the! ( tis my wife ’ s okay: our bourbons won ’ mean. About anything, you can expect quite a bit, making it harder to pick up on the one... We can do to cool off is advised known as an Old Fashioned,! To make cocktails being said, taking the time to acquaint yourself with smaller local! The time to acquaint yourself with smaller, local brews, like how to drink whiskey found in many forms flavors! Your ad blocker find out how you will to enjoy whisky, is that it isn t! Drink ; about 20 % ABV in whiskies, with peaty notes similar to those found in alcoholic.

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