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does noah bennet die in heroes

Later, when Noah visits the house and sees Claire alive but traumatized, he explains that he cannot stay as he has to recapture the superhumans who escaped during Sylar's attack, stating "They're villains, Claire, and I'm one of the only people on the planet who knows how to stop them," and even showing her some info on the escapees. Bennet and Parkman then get off at the floor where the tracking system is, only to find Thompson waiting for them. The two continue to argue until Matt is suddenly knocked out by Mohinder from behind. His driver's license, displayed by Sylar in the same episode, did not show a first name. Claire says that she has something to tell her father regarding her uncanny survival.[5]. "Four Months Later" the Bennets have gone into hiding, having moved to Costa Verde, California, and assumed the last name of "Butler." Claire's boyfriend, West Rosen, has dropped by without notice that same morning and made breakfast for Claire. Bennet realizes that Peter is absorbing Ted's power, and Peter and Claire look at each other worriedly. Later on, he and Sylar arrive at the home of Stephen Canfield and discover Claire there, having already attempted to capture him, only to find out that he is not truly evil. He orders Eden to go to the homecoming game and look for Sylar and grounds Claire to prevent her from being killed. Noah takes a call from Claire, who is asking how he managed to live a two-faced life for all this time, but Noah simply tells her he is the worst person to ask, and because she doesn't know which path to take, he doesn't know either. Stranger Things Star Shares Wolverine Fan Art Then Deletes I... Marvel Reportedly Wants To Do A Civil War II Movie. She is furious with Noah over Nathan’s murder and horrified he helped transform Sylar into her other father. During the confrontation with Sprague, Thompson comes through the back door and shoots Ted, who goes into an uncontrolled radioactive state. Bennet chases after the captured heroes and finds Claire and Peter running together. Bennet tells Eden to prevent Mohinder from leaving New York and to "bring in the precog." [11], Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, From the Files of Primatech, Part 5: 1988,, "Heroes: Find Heroes Episode Recaps Online",, Fictional Department of Homeland Security personnel, Articles to be expanded from January 2012, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from January 2012, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 00:24. Bennet explains that The Haitian is blocking Matt's powers. Bennet is unfazed, however, and simply tells Matt "good luck" in regards to his vendetta. Coleman responded: That was always in the script. from the old man one by one until Ivan succumbs and reveals where the paintings are. Mendez is revealed to be working with Bennet, as he relays information about Peter Petrelli. Last episode Thompson threatens to kill Bennet, but Bennet notes that if they really wanted him dead, they'd have killed him by now. In "Kindred", Mohinder finds the last of the eight paintings, this one depicting Noah's death. Unnamed FatherMalina Bennet (mother)Kate Bennet (1st ex-wife)Sandra Bennet (2nd ex-wife)Lyle Bennet (son)Claire Bennet (adoptive daughter)Unborn childTommy Clark (grandson)Malina (granddaughter) Bennet is impressed by Matt's growing ability, and then tells the Haitian to "go deep" with Matt, who is last heard screaming. Les cookies nous aident à fournir les services. Bennet tells Hank to keep him alive, referencing orders from his superiors to that effect. Tous droits réservés. In "Brother's Keeper", Noah gets home to find Claire and Tracy sharing a quality moment, and notices a frozen foot at the coffee table. When Claire is returned to the present by Arthur Petrelli, she, Noah, Meredith, and Angela are trapped in Primatech when Sylar initiates the lockdown mode. Though they are eventually successful, Noah manages to capture Elle. Bennet begins pleasantly referencing his travels, and stating that he'll be happy to see his family again. Sylar telekinetically disarms Noah, pins him to the wall, and begins to strangle him with his powers. Relationships Bennet is then called by Claire, who tells him that Sandra has collapsed for unknown reasons. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gender His one allegiance that is clear, however, is that to his daughter, Claire; his son, Lyle; and his wife, Sandra. Nevertheless, Matt is able to pull the name "Claire" from Bennet's mind. When Claire reveals that she had died in the hospital, Noah realizes something awful: if Claire's powers are back, then so are Sylar's. However, in season 3 he became evil again, & it was all down to Noah Bennet. Bennet heads back home, and is confronted by Claire in the hospital, where she reveals that she remembers everything that the Haitian was supposed to erase. Angered and worried, Noah takes her home where he and Sandra treat her wound, and he decides against going to a hospital, believing it to be minor and unwilling to take the risk of her powers returning while they are there. After the Haitian wipes Sandra's memories yet again, Bennet is called by Isaac Mendez. He raised Tommy as his son along with Anne Clark. Becky confesses why she attacked Claire; Noah killed her father while she was a kid during a bag & tag mission. In "Cautionary Tales", Bob, Elle, and Mohinder arrive in Costa Verde to take Claire. When Peter Petrelli arrives at his apartment, Nathan is waiting for him. He then prepares to execute Bob, citing that Claire will never be free so long as the Company survives. The one in question is a painting of Suresh holding a Company-issue gun that has just been fired. After Hank and Lisa exit the Bennet home, Noah Bennet follows the two outside and thanks them for their service. However, because Claude was hiding "one of them", Bennet was forced to kill him. Bennet calls Peter Petrelli to help him check out the safe deposit box that it opens, which Peter agrees to for the opportunity to gain the attacker's power of super speed. Sylar tells him that he will have to choose between killing Meredith to save himself and explaining her death to Claire, or doing nothing and being burnt to death. When they find Canfield, Noah attempts to force him to kill Sylar in exchange for his freedom, clearly convinced that Sylar cannot be redeemed, but Canfield instead opens up a vortex and sucks himself in, preferring death to becoming a monster. They come across his dead body that night and lament their failure. However, after her fathers try to send her home once again, they step away to discuss the situation and Claire is taken by Daphne. The two arrive in time to back up Claire's allegations that Samuel killed Joseph and was responsible for the death of Lydia and what he plans to do. They get to the exit only to discover that the hunter and his men have cut them off. Noah goes to the morgue and finds Claire's body, he's crying and he apologizes to her, he promises to keep her twins safe. Sylar asks about Claire, then states his intentions to kill her. She only wanted to "scare" Brody, but as he sat in the passenger seat and said he wouldn't stop raping girls, she ultimately crashed his car intentionally. They secretly begin to date. Ultimately, after tossing the ultimate insult ("Poor Gabriel. Noah brokers a trade with Bob, getting his daughter back in exchange for Bob's. However, Echo and Danny are killed by Sylar, and Eric Doyle is incapacitated. [6] When Claire finds out that the two of them have lost all memory of her powers she rings her father in a panic. Noah has him arrested and covers up the incident with the help of Lauren until Claire climbs the Ferris Wheel to expose her powers to the world which he tells Lauren is breaking his heart. One major character from the original Heroes run notable by her absence, however, was Claire Bennet – the cheerleader played by Hayden Panettiere that was so integral to the first season’s story. Though Danko's soldiers quickly find Claire and her friends and shoot Daphne. In "Collision", Bennet is first seen standing over Matt Parkman, who is strapped to a gurney. In "Shadowboxing", Noah appears at Becky's sorority house with the Haitian. Silent Hill Reboot Rumors May Be More Credible Than You Thin... PS4's Deal Of The Week Features One Of 2020's Most Popular G... Where To Find Every Magic: The Gathering Card Preview For Co... How To Unlock Wolverine's Logan Skin In Fortnite, Henry Cavill Spotted In New Witcher Season 2 Set Photos. Family Everything goes downhill when he discovers Claire's connection to West, a boy he had abducted when West was twelve. As she leaves, she hears Danko being attacked by an unknown assailant, Edgar, from the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, only to be attacked herself. She gives him a note that he left for himself, warning him not to look for Claire because she is with friends. Noah is forced to kill the man, the first time he ever killed anyone and this brings him to the attention of the Company who recruits him.

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